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Likely Reading A Book

I read a lot. I used to not read at all. I couldn't get half way through a book without stopping. Now I can't stop. So far I'm a fan of Stephen King and Dan Brown. Pretty typical, but what are ya gonna do right?

A Series of Unfortunate UMM Selections

I was reading It and then I finished. That was great. I felt I had accomplished something. It being such a big book and all.


I was then going to move on to 11/22/63 and had actually gotten 18% complete. I found myself wanting another book however.

Then I decided I was going to read The Dark Tower series using this method... The Best Way To Read 'The Dark Tower' Books - Digg.

After asking if it was a good method to read the series on Goodreads someone had mentioned the Wheel of Time and that series and I thought that I should give that series a try instead. So... I read a little bit of the first book.

After a short while I realized that I had the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown in my library as well and should probably check that one out since its shorter and I'm not an advanced reader yet.

Naturally at this point, you can guess what happened next.... I decided that it wasn't for me when Overdrive pulled through and got me The Stand really quick and much faster than I had thought.

I am now reading The Stand and will complete it within 12 days hopefully.

I do intend on getting to each of the previously mentioned books though... eventually.


""Baby, can you dig your man.""

Larry - The Stand

RIP Richie
RIP Richie

This is the guy who played Richie in the the miniseries It. In fact this is a clip from the scene with the fortune cookies.